Please make this go viral. 
It is so important I don’t even care if you delete what I write here, just help it be seen. 


Please make this go viral.

It is so important I don’t even care if you delete what I write here, just help it be seen. 

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  • adenoidal: if someone’s voice is adenoidal, some of the sound seems to come through their nose
  • appealing: an appealing look, voice etc shows that you want help, approval, or agreement
  • breathy: with loud breathing noises
  • brittle: if you speak in a brittle voice, you sound as if you are about to cry
  • croaky: if someone’s voice sounds croaky, they speak in a low rough voice that sounds as if they have a sore throat
  • dead: if someone’s eyes are dead, or if their voice is dead, they feel or show no emotion
  • disembodied: a disembodied voice comes from someone who you cannot see
  • flat: spoken in a voice that does not go up and down. This word is often used for describing the speech of people from a particular region.
  • fruity: a fruity voice or laugh is deep and strong in a pleasant way
  • grating: a grating voice, laugh, or sound is unpleasant and annoying
  • gravelly: a gravelly voice sounds low and rough
  • gruff: a gruff voice has a rough low sound
  • guttural: a guttural sound is deep and made at the back of your throat
  • high-pitched: a high-pitched voice or sound is very high
  • hoarse: someone who is hoarse or has a hoarse voice speaks in a low rough voice, usually because their throat is sore
  • honeyed: honeyed words or a honeyed voice sound very nice but you cannot trust the person who is speaking
  • husky: a husky voice is deep and sounds hoarse (=as if you have a sore throat), often in an attractive way
  • low adjective: a low voice or sound is quiet and difficult to hear
  • low adverb: in a deep voice, or with a deep sound
  • matter-of-fact: used about someone’s behaviour or voice
  • modulated: a modulated voice is controlled and pleasant to listen to
  • monotonous: a monotonous sound or voice is boring and unpleasant because it does not change in loudness or become higher or lower
  • nasal: someone with a nasal voice sounds as if they are speaking through their nose
  • orotund: an orotund voice is loud and clear
  • penetrating: a penetrating voice or sound is so high or loud that it makes you slightly uncomfortable
  • plummy: a plummy voice or way of speaking is considered to be typical of an English person of a high social class. This word shows that you dislike people who speak like this.
  • quietly: in a quiet voice
  • raucous: a raucous voice or noise is loud and sounds rough
  • ringing: a ringing sound or voice is very loud and clear
  • rough: a rough voice is not soft and is unpleasant to listen to
  • shrill: a shrill noise or voice is very loud, high, and unpleasant
  • silvery: a silvery voice or sound is clear, light, and pleasant
  • singsong: if you speak in a singsong voice, your voice rises and falls in a musical way
  • small: a small voice or sound is quiet
  • smoky: a smoky voice or smoky eyes are sexually attractive in a slightly mysterious way
  • softly spoken: someone who is softly spoken has a quiet gentle voice
  • sotto voce adjective, adverb: in a very quiet voice
  • stentorian: a stentorian voice sounds very loud and severe
  • strangled: a strangled sound is one that someone stops before they finish making it
  • strangulated: strangled
  • strident: a strident voice or sound is loud and unpleasant
  • taut: used about something such as a voice or expression that shows someone is nervous or angry
  • thick: if your voice is thick with an emotion, it sounds less clear than usual because of the emotion
  • thickly: with a low voice that comes mostly from your throat
  • thin: a thin voice or sound is high and unpleasant to listen to
  • throaty: a throaty sound is low and seems to come from deep in your throat
  • tight: a tight voice or expression shows that you are nervous or annoyed
  • toneless: a toneless voice does not express any emotion
  • tremulous: if something such as your voice or smile is tremulous, it is not steady, for example because you are afraid or excited
  • wheezy: a wheezy noise sounds as if it is made by someone who has difficulty breathing
  • wobbly: if your voice is wobbly, it goes up and down, usually because you are frightened, not confident, or are going to cry
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where’s the fuckin ice

in Greenland

I still believe Iceland and Greenland sat down in a meeting one day and it started with
"You know what’ll piss people off"

Fun Fact: The Vikings discovered both Greenland and Iceland and, in an effort to keep other people from coming to the beautiful green place, named it Iceland. That way people would avoid it, and head instead to the deceptively named Greenland.

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new blackinnon writer; dancingonsunlight wants prompts and stuff :) they contacted me on my tumblr and said their posts aren’t showing up in the tag so go check them out :) lets always welcome new writers for our fave ship! 

  • Question: Prompt: Angry!Sirius and Marlene trying to get him to forgive her by seducing him pleeaaase - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Sirius was vaguely aware of the fact that James was trying to have a conversation with him, but his words flew past the other boy’s ears as his eyes focused on something that demanded his attention in another (more successful) way than what James was attempting. 

    Although he had been told off dozen of times for smoking inside the house, Sirius hadn’t been able to stop himself for lighting his cigarette anyway, in hope of keeping his boiling blood down and stop himself from snapping the nearest person’s neck. But the cigarette didn’t seem to be helping too much.

    The reason for Sirius Black’s bad mood was simple and repetitive. Marlene McKinnon.  

    The blonde seemed to have a remarkable talent when it came to pissing him off and she also seemed to enjoy it, or at least that was the only thing that made any sense,  because for what other reason would she repeatedly get herself into situations like this?

    Marlene’s long and slender fingers were playing with the ends of her curls, twisting the locks around her fingers, while she giggled softly at whatever that stupid bloke she was talking to was saying. A classic flirty move by a McKinnon. 

    "Sirius." a stern voice forced his attention away from the scene. "You can’t smoke in here, will you please go outside?" Alice stood over him, arms folded. 

    Sirius got up without a word, the still-burning cigarette between his fingers as he walked towards the door, passing Marlene on the way and making sure to not make eye-contact (while telling himself it was too childish to bump into Benjy Fenwick or try to knock him out). 

    Once outside, he threw the remaining of his cigarette onto the street, fishing his pack back up and finding a new one. 

    "Lend me one?" 

    He wasn’t exactly surprised she had followed him out there, probably having noticed him looking at her earlier. But he still hated the fact that she did.

    He held the pack of cigarettes out for her without looking at her, focusing on his own cigarette as if he could ignore her presence.


    He didn’t bother giving her a reply.

    "I’m working on quitting," she said, perching the cigarette between her lips and taking a long drag. "It’s going quite well."

    He still didn’t respond, but she didn’t seem to mind.

    "Alice kick you out for smoking inside? Mood killer."

    "McKinnon." he finally said, turning to her. "What are you trying?"

    "I’m bored," she stated simply, a smirk on her face as she turned around to face him. "Aren’t you?"

    "Didn’t Fenwick entertain you enough?" the entire sentence slipped out, he definitely hadn’t meant to sound so bitter.

    "You noticed that?" she asked, innocently.

    He grabbed her arm. “Like you didn’t know.”

    She grinned up at him innocently, “And what exactly is the problem then?”

    He released her, breathing in deep. “Nothing. There’s no problem.”

    He tossed the cigarette the same way he had the other and prepared to turn around, but her fingers wrapped around his wrist.


    He turned back towards her, eyebrow slightly raised.

    Her fingers drew circles on his skin and she stepped towards him, tilting her head to the side.

    "Is this a game to you?" his voice was low and anger filled him again.

    She grinned, biting her lip and offered him a shrug. “Isn’t everything we do a game?”

    He started to shake his head, ready to pull his arm away from hers.

    "Come on," she whispered, stepping closer to him and releasing his arm, but in stead she reached her hands up to his face, one running down his jawline and the other one reaching to push hair away from his face.  

    He reacted quickly, almost angrily, as his own hands found her hips, pulling her closer to him before pressing his lips down rough on hers. 

    She kissed him back enthusiastically, grinning against his lips, a sign of victory. 

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oh my

i dunt see it



…You had my curiosity…



(I’ll try it



how did you


im so confused what is

wait oh

WTF!?!?!?!?!?! Someone get the fucking salt!

Oh my god


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*every highschool student when the teacher doesn’t show up after 2 minutes* “you know there’s a rule where if the teacher’s not here after 15 minutes we can just leave”

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Mercutio: Romeo, mah Bromeo, I love you man, but no homeo.

Romeo: Bruh

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End of an Era ft. Dan, Emma, Rupert and Jo aka T E A R S

but I am actually crying right now. it’s not even noon and i’m crying about harry potter already.

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whenever i get low on money i start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn’t spent that $10 back in 2004 

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